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Best Electric Pressure Washer for Your Money

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AR Blue Clean


If you are tired of cleaning the house with a rag or a sponge, think about getting a pressure washer. The AR Blue Clean 1900 PSI Electric Pressure Washer is the best buy on the market today. This is a unit that's cheaper than most pressure washers on the market but it packs enough power to deal with most home cleaning jobs.

The unit is easy to use and it has a number of features that can be customized before using. You can also add detergents in the specified tank and you can adjust the power and the area of the spray.

Sun Joe SPX3000


If you are looking to buy a good pressure washer for your cleaning projects, Sun Joe SPX3000 is a perfect choice. This awesome unit has a number of features that make all cleaning jobs much easier. The 2030 PSI of pressure can tackle the toughest stains in minutes.

The unit is almost silent, it has a really long extension cord and a 20-foot plastic hose. It weighs only 31 pounds and there are two small wheels attached to the bottom which make it easy to push it where you want it. This is a product that every household needs.

AR Blue Clean AR118


If you want to buy a pressure washer that's not robust and hard to carry around, the AR BLUE CLEAN AR118 is what you need. This hand-held pressure washer is perfect for everyday cleaning jobs around the house. This model provides 1500 PSI at a rate of 1.50 GPM.

It features an automatic safety valve that shuts the pump off in case something goes wrong. The unit is made out of tempered stainless steel and it comes with a 30-foot long power cord and a 20-foot hose. Annovi Reverberi has over 50 years of experience and this is one of their most popular models.

Campbell Hausfeld


Campbell Hausfeld is a recognized name in the pressure washer market and this is one of their most popular models. This unit is a perfect pick for a home because it produces 1900 PSI. The machine was designed to cope with the toughest stains and some heavy duty home cleaning.

EasyConnect is one of its unique features and it allows the user to change accessories and switch between applications with ease. You get a variety of spray nozzles and it also features a 1 liter detergent tank for low-pressure cleaning projects. The Campbell Hausfeld Air Power Expert will let you finish your cleaning faster and easier.

Karcher K5.540


If you are tired of cleaning up the house floors on your knees, you should think of getting a quality pressure washer. The Karcher K 5.540 is one of the best choices you can make because it was designed for commercial use.

That means that the motor packs a lot of power and the pressure output is 2000 PSI, more than enough to make the toughest stains invisible in seconds. This model comes with a couple of unique features like the DirtBlaster and VPS wands, as well as a special tank for soap and detergents.

Electric Pressure Washer Buying Guide


When it comes to purchasing an electric pressure washer, there are two things you need to consider: the brand you want to buy and the power of the machine you need to get your projects done.

Electric pressure washers are the perfect tool for all cleaning jobs including cleaning your car, the driveway, the backyard - you name it. Pressure washers can get most of your cleaning jobs done easily. Gas washers provide more power, but if you don't have to clean oil stains every day, an electric washer is a great choice. These washers have features you need to understand to make the right choice.

Features You Should Look For

Extra Gear and Nozzles

You will need different nozzles to take care of different cleaning jobs. Many models come with these extras right away.

The Weight Of The Unit

Most pressure washer units weigh between 15 and 35 pounds. If you want to get a heavier model, make sure it has wheels for easier moving.

The Detergent Tank

You will need different nozzles to take care of different cleaning jobs. Many models come with these extras right away.

Material of the Coupling

The most common problem with pressure washers is the plastic coupling for the garden hose. If you buy a model with a plastic part, make sure to change it with a brass one, but it would be best you got a brass coupling right away.

Material Of The Wand

The wands are usually made out of plastic or durable stainless-steel. Of course, you should choose the durable one if possible.

The Length Of The Hose And Electric Cord

Most models feature 20-foot hoses and 30-foot electric cords so regard the models that are offering you any less than that.

Is The Hose Reel Included?

The hose reel is a personal thing. Some people love it while others hate it. The hose reel can be very useful sometimes


The wheels on a pressure washing unit are necessary, especially if the unit is more than 35 pounds in weight. Most models that are above 20 pounds come with wheels, but keep your eyes opened just in case.

GPM and PSI for you

Electric pressure washers are mostly limited by price. There are models that push crazy PSI and GPM, but they often cost a couple of thousands of dollars. You can get the medium-duty cleaner for close to 150 dollars. It's all up to you.

Apart from these physical features, you'll have to figure out how much power do you need to get your cleaning projects done. There are three main categories of pressure washers: light-duty, medium-duty, and heavy-duty.

Light-duty No More Than 1700 PSI

These pressure washers are great for small cleaning jobs around your home. They are also very cheap and lightweight, but their power and range are limited.

Medium-duty From 1700 to 2800 PSI

These are the most popular pressure washers and they tackle most cleaning jobs you might have. They are the best buy because you get plenty of power for less than 150 dollars.

Heavy-duty 2800 PSI And Up

Electric pressure washers become very expensive when the power goes over 2000 PSI and 1.8GPM. They are used for huge areas with tough stains and can clear them easily.

These are some of the things you will need to keep in mind when selecting an electric pressure washer for your home. We hope this guide helps you find what you are looking for and that you get a pressure washer because it makes the cleaning jobs really easy and simple.

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