AR Blue Clean




  • The unit is simple and easy to use
  • It can be used to tackle almost every cleaning job around your home
  • The spray of the water is adjustable
  • Provides more than enough power and pressure
  • Features a tank for detergents and chemicals
  • Comes with a one year guarantee


  • Plastic hose adapter often leaks water
  • The high-pressure hose is plastic and it can tangle easily

Cleaning your car with soap and a sponge takes a lot of energy, water, and time. The AR383 is a pressure washer that will use 5 times less water and allow you to finish the job in less than 15 minutes. Furthermore, you will reach all spaces without any problems, but there are even more reasons to why this model is the top selling electric pressure washer for the past 2 years. So what does it make it so special?

The AR Blue Clean 1900 PSI Electric Pressure Washer is a perfect combination of price and a medium-duty power pump and the quality of the motor. The unit features an after pump detergent tank which allows you to add chemicals and ease the cleaning process even more. This model may seem like it's too light and not good enough to handle tough cleaning jobs, but that's not true. The 1900 PSI of pressure and 1.5 GPM value gives this unit enough power to tackle any cleaning job with ease. AR blue is a strong brand that's been around for decades now. We will take a look at their work to understand why AR Blue is a great choice.

Limitations Of The Product


The AR Blue Clean 1900 is a great pick for your home, but this product also has limitations. The hose reel seems to be bothering users the most. Reeling it in can be tough, so users wind the hose around the top portion of the unit. Customers have reported minor leaks in the hose adapter so some of them replace it with a brass adapter instead.

About AR Blue Brand


AR stands for Annovi Reverberi, which is a company that started manufacturing pumps in a small factory in Shanghai. Some parts of the machine are made in Italy, others in China, and the company owns distribution centers on three continents. They have a very strict quality control process which is one of the reasons why AR is one of the leading brands in pressure washing for decades.

AR turned 50 years in 2008. This company has slowly made its way on the market and it's now the biggest privately owned company in the world that produces triplex plunger pumps. In fact, AR designed the first portable pressure washer ever back in 1986. It was a 1450 PSI Blitz unit that led to new improvements like the Total Stop System or TSS which lets the user control the gun with a small trigger.

AR has won the trust of multinational companies like Michelin and Black & Decker who licensed AR for their electric pressure washer line. DeWalt also has numerous models that are equipped with AR pumps.

All of these companies are huge and they have done a lot of research before putting their trust into AR. With this in mind, we can say that AR is a company that puts quality and customer satisfaction above everything else.

‚ÄčOne more thing sets AR apart from other companies and it's their desire to listen to what their customers say. The company has opened a couple of feedback channels which resulted in a new S-series of AR Blue Clean pressure washers. The company added a number of features and improved existing ones after listening to what their clients had to say.



As we said before, AR Blue Clean is a strong brand that makes exceptional pressure washers. The AR Blue Clean AR383 is a model that was designed to balance power, price, and quality, and that's exactly what you get. This is one of the best medium-duty electric pressure washers on the market and it can help you clean even the toughest surfaces in just minutes. This model is one of the best pressure washers you can buy.

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